n. Cao Jianmin can do so much, and he will go all out to work in the afternoon to help Wang Maoliang deal with all the trivialities of the provincial office. The Nanjing sauna sighed and found a cigarette. The Nanjing Sauna has a long-awaited look at the mother and daughter who are having fun on the bed. “I don’t know who is thinking about our family.” “Who makes you full of thoughts?” Qian Xiaomei giggled and smiled gracefully at the Nanjing sauna. The breasts were slightly and the eyes were like water. “My mother-in-law will soon be ready to cook. Let me come and ask you to get up and eat. I am too lazy to run.” “What is too lazy to run, you are clearly teasing your husband.” The Nanjing sauna was so angry that he raised his hand and slaps gently to pat the money on Xiaomei’s hips. There is a wave of hips and waves. “Dad, you are not allowed to beat your mother.” Feng Er snorted, crawling out of bed and stretching his arms in front of Qian Xiaomei, seeing the little baby to protect himself, Qian Xiaomei was too happy, and hugged the little guy and kissed him, “Good niece,” Mom didn’t hurt you. “Oh, it’s okay to cope with me.” The Nanjing sauna snorted and slammed the money Xiaomei, whispering, “sample, see how I clean you up at night!” “Come on, who is afraid of who.” Qian Xiaomei licked her lips with a charming smile. “Whoever cleans up is not necessarily.” “Son, Xiaomei is eating.” During the speech, the voice of Chunlan was heard in the living room. “Yes, why didn’t you come back and tell me?” The Nanjing sauna put on the beach pants and went out of bed. “I will go to Jinling for a business trip in a few days.” “The people are coming back to attack, but your performance is not bad, no stealing.” Qian Xiaomei smiled. “Yes, I have to go to Jinling. You don’t know. Recently, the sales volume of mobile phones at home has hit a new high. The market is already in short supply. I am going to open another mobile phone production line.” “Then go with me, and there is a companion.” “My husband, I may want to Go one s

It will cause great concern.

Ye Donglai probably felt the sadness of the river and found that his realm of repair had probably reached the realm of Yang.

Swallowing family blood and constantly devouring spiritual objects can be promoted and indeed strong. In the realm of single theory, even ye Dong Lai did not reach the realm of Yang.

“Ye Donglai, it’s a pity.” The river water worries to see Ye Donglai, but is a long sigh, the voice is full of regrets.

The 402nd chapter of the text and 402. independent circles

Ye Donglai understood, the other side sighed and sighed that the two could not fight well once.

The river worries, always looking forward to fighting with Ye Dong to fight fair.

He was crazy in practice, and now he is also very tall. He even pushed the president of the Western Academy. He thought he could make a good fight with Ye Donglai and even beat Ye Dong.

But unfortunately, ye Dong Lai was hit hard and made a big fall.

In such a state, Ye Donglai must be unable to fight well with the river’s worries.

Even if ye Dong came, he would not promise to worry about the river.

He is a man of war, and he expects his opponent to be in the prime of life.

Unfortunately, after a recent melee, Jiang Shui realized that even though he was so desperate, he was not necessarily an opponent of Ye Dong Lai.

When the river was worried that he could hardly reach the realm of Yang God, Ye Donglai, who was at its peak, was able to compete with the yuan baby master.

But this result did not hurt the worries of the river, but made him more excited and more expecting.He discovered that ye Dong could burn blood, but could he not?

Although Ye Dong came to a great extent after burning, the river was deeply convinced that he himself was a high realm, and once burning the blood of the nation, he was still able to go to the East.

By swallowing family blood, he thought he would be invincible.

“Once in a while, you shout for a fight.” Ye Donglai shrugged his shoulders and said.

The river worried and laughed, and said, “when you get back to your peak, I’ll be the first to find you. By the time, one must die. “Tut, suddenly felt that the battle between the two of us is like a fateful confrontation.”

“Predestination? Ha ha, he is just a mediate husband, how can compare with swallowing clan blood? I do not expect that there is still a blood loss in the realm of the fairyland. The middle age man disdains a smile.

He seldom found the river water sorrow, such a difficult genius, and how much he cares about it. How can he compare the worries of the river with that of a casual child?

Being despised, ye Dong was too lazy to explain, but asked Zhang’s dustless way: “are you really going to go back, Miss Zhang?”

He could not manage others, but if Zhang duo really had some reasons for not wanting to return to the independent circles, he could not ignore it.

However, Zhang duo, though not very good-looking, was obviously determined by his mind. He said, “I really want to go back. You needn’t worry about coming East. I’m just going to leave for a long time, some fear…

“Well, if anything happens, contact me with a summons token.”Ye Dong comes.”

As for the strange man in Zhang’s family, he didn’t put it too much.

hen counterattacked, although it can be stupid enough for women, but it will reduce the viewing, Daddario’s acting… Well, she has no acting skills. I can only let the director force her to perform in the most realistic response, and then make up for the gap in acting through later editing.” “Cough, it is really enough. I heard that she has been doing nightmares for a few days, but she still insists on shooting. It also fits into the sad story that the film is shooting. You should go to the class. I am worried about the pressure of the child. Too big. Now is the time when people need to give her comfort…” said, Nanjing Night Net picked up an eyebrow, squinted his eyes, and looked at the Nanjing sauna, smiled heartily. The Nanjing sauna squatted and asked: “Is the crew in Santa Monica?” “Of course, I rented a regular parking lot, but most of the time I shot at night, if you want to visit, bring a little The night is over, I think everyone will appreciate your big boss.” Nanjing Night Network is poor. “I have to invite people to eat at noon, there is no good recommendation.” Nanjing sauna did not pay attention to the poor night of Nanjing Night Net, want to find good food, naturally ask senior food. “There was a new menu recently changed at Mussolini Frank Barbecue. The veal is fresh and delicious. You can try it.” Nanjing Night Net thought about it and gave advice. Nanjing sauna nodded, he naturally knows this store, after all, from 1919 to the present, the interior decoration has always maintained the style of the beginning of the last century, plus the male waiter wearing a scarlet coat, a customized menu every day and playing the old Jazz, the atmosphere of the whole store is full of nostalgic feelings, just right for the curiosity and freshness of the foreigner of Gargado. Since the Nanjing sauna took his beauty group to the Dodge Stadium, everyone in the United States knows that this goods is using his own fame to bring his newcomers. For this, the Nanjing sauna is definitely a secret, you can Zhengda’s

Chinese side is a multi-shared model. To form large and small chambers of commerce. These chambers of commerce will inevitably have sufficient financial and material resources for multiple joints. If there are not enough people to set up a escort team when they go to business, there are not enough people to hire people. Although Lu Zhe has only risen for four years, but because of its particularity, it is also because the army has been constantly reorganizing its elite model. During the four years, there are always soldiers who retire because of age or other reasons. The Chamber of Commerce will almost always go through business. A small number of men who have been retired from the army have been hired, and even if they are hired as escorts, they will hire the fruit from the countryside. Don’t forget that the Han Dynasty has an obligation to the quarterly system. Although the results of the country are not as practiced as the standing army or the trump card, the mastery of the fighting skills is not too small. It can be considered by the Chamber of Commerce and recruited. Badness is bad on the source of the escort of the Han Dynasty business traveler. The armed forces of the accompanying escort caravans basically have received the practice of state behavior, and the thoughts will definitely bear the brand of Lu Zhe deeply planted on the Han army. The first time they became confused around them was to fully arm themselves and then lay out the defensive line. It is a defensive line, so it is sure to block the Qin army’s offensive path in some areas, which is the so-called “blocking”. Blocking the army’s offensive path, even the third-rate army will not allow others to do so, let alone Xu Yan’s carefully selected Qin army from the Central Plains Corps? In the face of the small battalion that hangs the banner of Chinese characters, at least a thousand or more non-Hanmen armed forces, the Qin army led by the team directly crushed the past; some Qin army officers can also send soldiers to inform the road to let go, But

you are in charge. The tourism work has achieved very beautiful results, not only let the various scenic spots have a sense of service, let us have a rapid development of Wuling’s tourism industry, and also personally introduced two large projects, etc. In short, you have achieved this half a year. Many leaders have not been able to make achievements in a few years.” “The third reason is also the news that everyone has the most. Many people know that there is a lot of money in your family. If you become the mayor, you will definitely not Engage in corruption, accepting bribes, and getting things like private pockets.” Qin Xiaoyong smiled. “So, more people want you to be the mayor and lead the group. The people are on the road to getting rich. “It seems that the eyes of the masses are really bright.” The Nanjing sauna laughed happily. He felt a good smell and smoked a sip. He looked at Qin Xiaoyong meaningfully and smiled. “Xiao Qin, this rumor has a nose and eyes, and it seems to know me very well.” “Boss, you used to be in charge of travel work, so there are not many people who know your deeds. I think you can go to see more now, let the people on the official side know more about your actions, your ambitions, and let everyone I realize that you are the best person to be the mayor. Qin Xiaoyong smiled. He knew that his little trick was naturally not the Nanjing sauna. However, he was out of a sincere heart, and the Nanjing sauna would not blame him. “You little comrade, it seems.” I have done a lot of work. “Nanjing Sauna laughed,” and, it turns out that your little movements are very obvious. Deng called me last night and said that it was my recent reputation. She said that I knew this thing. It seems that I have to thank you. “Boss, you are polite, this is what I should do.” Qin Xiaoyong smiled and looked a little thick. “Well, since your kid is so clever, help me look at these reports.” “Nanjing sauna, huh, huh, huh, small, opened several reports in front of them, and then threw the report to Qin Xiaoyong.

t know what I thought of Zeng Lu’s heart? “Yes, it’s so smart. “Lian Zheng took a glass of wine and took a sip.” Mayor Hu, would you like to help you find a road to talk about? “Thank you, even the director, but no, no. The Nanjing sauna smiled and shook his head. “It should be very useful for us two people to eat this meal tonight. I believe that Zeng Lu will contact me after I know it.” “No, my deterrent is so big, so I said that I just greeted Zeng Lu in the lobby. Is it wrong?” He even smiled and took a drink and took a sip. His heart certainly understands this. Otherwise, he will not take the initiative to ask the Nanjing Sauna to eat with his colleagues in Zenglu. “No, very good.” I estimate that Zeng Lu will take the initiative to contact me soon. “Nanjing sauna smiles, mention the wine glass,” even the director, thank you for your help, I respect you. After drinking a cup, the two men found a cigarette and handed it to the Nanjing sauna. “Hu Mayor, I heard that you are familiar with Sheng Huaming. I have something to ask for help. You can Can’t you help me meet him? “This is no problem, not a phone call.” “Nanjing Sauna laughed and reached out to raise the glass.” Even the director, I wish you a good career in your brother’s career, step by step. The Nanjing sauna room is full of joy, but in a room not far from them, the atmosphere is not so hot. At this time, there was a mood to drink and chat. What did you say to the people who had dinner with him? Zeng Lu didn’t hear anything in a single sentence. He was thinking about the words of the levy. The Nanjing sauna actually ran for dinner here. Is it for himself? The levy is the director of the Second Supervision Office of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. The second monitoring office is responsible for investigating the provincial officials. The Nanjing sauna and the continuous levy are definitely not good things, either they are coming to themselves or they are directed at a derelict deputy-level cadre at Wuling. The possibility is t

njing sauna was not in his heart. The old guys were old and no one had seen them. I have been sitting in the mayor of New York for so many years, the old fox, and he also knows the difficulty of the Nanjing sauna Smith, and he was stunned by a temptation. “I have been re-elected as the mayor of New York City for two years. During this period, I have also stayed away from the company management business. I don’t want the company to have big turmoil or fall into the power game. I hope that your participation will make Bloomberg stronger, not I want to take it away from me.” “You care too much, you will continue to be re-elected as the mayor’s throne. After three years, you can even take the DU candidate to participate in the US presidential election. It will be a miracle, you have Money, people, influence, political achievements, why not, huh, huh.” Nanjing sauna is not maliciously touting, painting the big cake for the old guy, almost killing the pie. Michael Bloomberg’s eyes are slightly congested. To be honest, the Nanjing Sauna is also his future plan. He is not short of money, and his political appeal is his pursuit of life. “Nanjing Sauna, let’s talk, what do you want? Don’t tell me this is just an investment, vice president? Or something else? Give me an answer.” For the old fox is still in the title and tone to maintain the strength, Nanjing sauna and Don’t care, he is not really young and full of emotions, his face said with a smile: “A vice president’s position, but always have a responsible project, then give me the Bloomberg website!” In the smoky study room, there was a short silence. The Nanjing sauna was still holding a goblet with a smile, shaking, watching the red wine in the cup, but the light was always watching the old fox with closed eyes. To be honest, for Bloomberg’s website, Michael Bloomberg really didn’t take it seriously. In his opinion, Bloomberg didn’t need a website at all. In his eyes, focusing on the service for traders is the value of the company. The media is just a means to get m

The same.

However, if he swallows his mind to speed up his operation, he will absorb a lot of extremely cold gas, which is very heavy on his body.

Before, Ye Donglai deliberately controlled the operation of the power law in order to avoid erosion, at this time, he held a try to see the mentality, want to know, if they are connected with these extreme cold gas to absorb, can not by the way to absorb, quenched. Or is it similar to Lu Zhi Tong, almost immune to chill?

In the meridians, the spirit is crazy, and the double fields are in excellent condition.

Suddenly, ye Dong came to a shiver.

This extreme cathode cold air intrusion into the body, almost all his soul has been frozen to pieces.

However, after he had forcibly put up with it, he found that with the flow of the function, the trend of being disintegrated and absorbed gradually came into being with the extreme cold of the cathode.


Ye Donglai was very surprised.

In principle, the normal people can only absorb the aura and step by step.

And devouring God, even this chill is absorbed.

However, this kind of chill has nothing to do with Ye Dong, except to make his body and soul feel cold and bitter.

The cold, not the spirit, can be used.

This extreme cold, in the end only inexplicably disintegrated, dissipated, or a part of the combination of spirit, in a word, did not bring any change to Ye Donglai.

Even so, Ye was shocked.

The common function method,I am afraid they can not support him to put the extremely cold cathode gas into the body, in case of inclusion, perhaps the body will be strongly eroded.

“Devouring God, there are many places I haven’t studied.”

Ye Donglai thought in a dark heart.

At this moment, his eyes suddenly appeared the color of shock.

This shock is not at all surprising because of the effect of the law.

“She’s… Strange blood?! “

Ye Donglai’s eyes, staring at Lu Zhi Tong, almost forgot to resist the cold.

Evan evanescent!

Suddenly, the cold shock almost made him fainted, and then he quickly gathered his mind and dissolve the cold, and forced the excess chill out with the real yuan.

Just now, when Ye Donglai had swallowed the spirit to the extreme, he accidentally discovered that Lu Zhi Tong had a blood vessel of the Yi people.

As the owner of the strongest and purest blood vessel, ye Dong’s cognition of ability blood is very high.

However, under normal circumstances, there is no difference between ordinary people and those who have an ability.

No one can see even if a talent is in the public eye.

Even Ye Donglai can not see whether a human has a power. Of course, his advantage is blood pressure. If other powers can exert their abilities before their eyes, they will be naturally suppressed.

In the meantime, Lu Zhitong did not display any abilities, but she was in the deep state of practice.In this state, everything inside and outside her body is constantly flowing and exchanging, and it is just the work of Ye Dong.

the Nanjing Sauna on the Standing Committee. Huang Jie is stunned. This is too much for his surprise. I have never heard of the Nanjing sauna so arrogantly, not to mention the Standing Committee, and the Nanjing sauna cannot know that this is the mayor. This guy actually does not even give the mayor’s face? “Comrade Huang Jie, in view of your performance, everyone is very disappointed, I think you still concentrate on handling other matters of the county government. The work of the industrial park is still responsible for the comrade Luo Dayou.” Nanjing sauna sounds a meal, eyes Turning to Luo Dayou, “There are great comrades. The planning and construction of the industrial park must be in accordance with the established plan. This is the construction plan that the county party committee and the county government have investigated and studied through the multi-party and discussed at the Standing Committee. No one has the right to change it without authorization. Construction plan.” “Well, secretary, I remember.” Luo Da nodded with a serious look. “As for the cooperation agreement of the real estate company, I will deal with it personally.” “Well, this is what it is.” “Nanjing sauna smiled lightly,” Director Ye, immediately informed the situation, well, the meeting.” After a painful quick trip, the Nanjing sauna suddenly felt refreshed, squatting with a water notebook and a cup of water Out of the standing committee room. Huang Jie ironed his face and stood up, but he heard Li Zitong laughing and screaming at him. “Huang County magistrate, where can I have a cup of tea?” “Okay, just a little thirsty.” Huang Jie squeezed a smile Nod, this morning’s things are too strange, this Absolutely not the style of the Nanjing sauna, there must be a demon in the abnormal situation. It must have been a problem. He was prepared to go back and inquire about the news. However, Li Zitong issued an invitation at this time, and he must not refuse. There has always been only a icing on the cake, and few people have sent charco

ke the national territory. There is such an idea, but the more people do not. Then again, Baiyue does not It is a country, just a general term for many Vietnamese people. The more people attacked Guiyue or the more they did not have any psychological burden. In fact, before the Qin army did not fight with the Vietnamese, Baiyue’s internal vendetta continued. The martyrdom of the martyrdom kills the hard 瓯 战 战 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , The “screaming” 瓯越人 took the stick and started the charge. Don’t expect them to have any tactical formations, and don’t expect them to be too aggressive to launch the charge. Lu Zhe’s eyes were not read at the first time, they were hesitating to camp near the enemy, and then a large number of arrows shot from the camp were shot on the ground. There have been no deaths and injuries before the contact, and the Yue people once again showed their “personality.” That is, someone wants to retire someone to stay in the same place, and then rush into a group of advances and retreats. “Let the bow and arrow go,” Lu Zhe frowned. “An arrow drives them to attack the camp.” Mei Lan faithfully executed the order. He read five hundred archers and asked a thousand Thun shields to guard the side. The two wings, this makes the archer close to the archery. Arrows are constantly being shot in both directions. The translator of the Qin people is also going to “change the heads of the Gui and the monks to change things.” The Yue people are forced to divide into two parts. Most people are afraid that the Qin army’s combat power will really rush to the enemy camp. Some people are very aggressive in launching the charge toward the archers of the Qin army archers. Su Lie saw a forehead: “Sure enough, it happened.” Lu Zhe smiled and said: “Okay. Now is the moment to launch the charge. The spears and the spears are all pressed, and the shield guards the bow and arrow forces slowly.