ginalized. Nanjing sauna nodded, and he also agreed with this. After all, the turmoil caused by the European debt crisis in the memory of previous lives, the countries that came to power are not left or right, and the various media are not too big to provoke the people’s nerves. The saliva is also smashed in order to increase sales. ———— 729th chapter The real winners The circulation of British newspapers has mostly declined, but the market base of newspapers is still there, and a certain number of readers continue to keep reading newspapers. The habit of making the newspaper market shrink is slower than other countries. In fact, every newspaper has a large group of support behind it. It is more politically influential, not simply to make a profit for the economy. Whether it is psychological or strength, it can actively respond to the current decline in the paper media market. In the Nanjing sauna, if you want to stand in an unfamiliar country, the newspaper is undoubtedly the best entry point. It is undoubtedly a huge role to expand its influence on the country’s society through newspapers and drive other industries to expand into new markets. . Murdoch’s acquisition of newspapers in the UK is mainly to expand his influence in the UK and the world. In the Nanjing sauna, the newspaper is insignificant in the hands of Murdoch, and he does not expect the newspaper to make money. If Du Libao only has two paper media, Nanjing Sauna will not take over after the standard newspaper industry, but all the property rights of the attached website is very valued by him. As the website of the four major British newspapers, it is not bad, but it has not been adhered to in the digital transformation before the newspaper, and the mode of charging for paper media and providing free content online is not sustainable. Nanjing Sauna is very keen to re-revamp this news site that has a good influence in the UK and lay the foundation for the future digital newspaper. In 2007, due to the limitations of the network and mobile e