of discussions have already taken place in the political arena of the Republic. The content of the discussion is naturally the condition of the elderly in the hospital bed. Discussing whether his death will trigger the turmoil in the political arena. After all, there are Chen Haoyang in the old-age school of the old Chen family, and there is a Nanjing sauna in the new generation, and Chen Haoyang has performed very well in the past two years. He has done a good job in the province of Jiangsu, and his low-key work is not arrogant, compared with Zhangzhou. The city is different, and things are not doing very well. Instead, they frequently appear on TV and talk about it. It seems that he can change color when he shoots. Of course, these doctors who discuss the medical expert group can’t hear it. He is the most famous expert in the domestic medical profession. This time, after the emergency consultation of the superiors, he was transferred to the medical team. The natural thing is to maintain the life of the old man on the bed, and let him spend as much time as possible. However, Dr. Li did not complain about this. He knew that the old man lying in bed had been in the air for decades and made outstanding contributions to the liberation of the Republic and the reform and opening up of the country. In the past few days, Dr. Li has seen many big people. The leaders who have often appeared in the news network have seen almost all of them. Even some old people who have not walked the road have seen many. These days, Chen’s ward is always visiting as a horse, but the old man has not been awake. Come, this makes Dr. Li somewhat disappointed. He has done his best, but after all, people can’t violate the laws of nature. After the armed police soldiers carefully searched and examined, Dr. Li walked into the outside of Chen’s ward, and the most experienced head nurse was checking the drugs. Dr. Li walked over and the head nurse looked up at him. “Who is inside?” Dr. Lee reached out and pointed to the inside of the ward. The