emonstration area. I also said that if he could get funds from above, he would do whatever he wanted. “Xiao Fei, you are right in this way. The demonstration area has just started, so you just need to use it on the blade.” “Cao Jianmin nodded with a thumbs up. “For this kind of enjoyment of the former ideological style, we must resolutely resist! Chapter 610 No one is the fifth fool of this dinner, Nanjing sauna eats very happy, although Cao Jianmin is the leader of the municipal party committee, but the Nanjing sauna heart regards him as his elder, so there is no restriction on drinking, eating and smoking. Nanjing sauna likes this feeling very much. Who says that the leader must remain majestic in front of the lower level. Respect and majesty are the real respect, true awe, and the kind of face is just the fear of the position. Respect is the power. Back home, the Nanjing sauna and grassland washed and fell asleep. The next day, the Nanjing sauna arrived at the Municipal Party Committee early, and it was estimated that the time was almost up. Then I got up and walked into the office building. Cao Yunfeng’s office was the office of Xia Chunlai. Ten minutes in advance, it was the Nanjing sauna that was well thought out. It was too early to appear that he was very impetuous. Secondly, his father-in-law, Qian Wenbo and Cao Yunfeng, were in a stalemate. It was too early to have a suspicion of arrogant Cao Yunfeng. In the eyes of others, he represents Qian Wenbo. The Nanjing sauna itself does not need to maintain any posture. After all, he is a subordinate of Cao Yunfeng. It is nothing to please Cao Yunfeng. However, he still has a son-in-law who is the author of Qian Wenbo. Moreover, this identity seems to be more than the executive deputy county of Lanshan County Committee. The long identity is more important, and this nature becomes different. Zhang Shan’s office naturally returned to Ming. At this time, Ming Zheng sat at his desk and wrote and painted. The Nanjing sauna knew that he must have seen himself. He o