Tottenham’s manager Daniel Levy received the acquisition intention, he immediately informed the team owner Joe Lewis, and Joe Lewis, who invested in the financial market, as a businessman, naturally would not give up this can sell a good price. Opportunity. Tottenham knows better than anyone else. If there are not several buyers of the same city rival Arsenal who are constantly buying high-priced shares, they will not dare to ask for the price. If you take this opportunity, you will definitely not miss it. However, when the negotiating team met, the Tottenham side was completely forced, Nima, which is the bastard who released the monster of David Dunn, when he learned that David Dunn was the plenipotentiary of the acquirer. Levi’s mood was completely bad. As a former enemy, they knew each other too well. For a moment, Levi didn’t want to negotiate with David. He knew that even if the negotiations were successful, the price of Tottenham would be absolutely It won’t be the price they want. ———— Sixty-nine-seventh chapter of the conference area in the Presidential Suite of the Four Seasons Hotel in London. A long red mahogany table with six solid wood chairs with comfortable cushions and cushions. The Nanjing sauna lazily stretches its body, facing the view of Hyde Park outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, with its eyes closed. Holding a cup of hot coffee in his hand, listen to the briefing report of his work assistant Christina. “The “Iron Man” crew has started shooting… The improvement of the “Today’s Headlines” app has reached the final stage, and the promotion of the website is smooth… The first broadcast data of “Mad Men” produced by AMC has come out, and the reputation is good, the ratings are good. It can only be regarded as a general… Although the HULU video website recently negotiated the joint investment of National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Fox (FOX) and ABC, the strong traditional media has not received enough attention. What attracted us was a glimpse of the decline. Most media p