ust took the opportunity to find Cao Jianmin to reflect the situation. The formalities of the Lonely Group have been detained for almost a month. It’s almost time to let go. At this time, Cao Jianmin’s coming back and urging should be no problem. At 2:30 in the afternoon, the Nanjing sauna arrived at the city government. After the meeting, the Nanjing sauna went straight to Cao Jianmin’s office, but he was talking to people. The Nanjing sauna sat in Yu Mingfang’s office for a while before the conversation ended. “How, do you have something?” Cao Jianmin leaned on the chair and looked at the Nanjing sauna with a smile. “Is it for the Lonely Group?” “Uncle Cao, you know, I don’t have to elaborate. The Nanjing sauna nodded, and there was a bitter smile on his face. “I was supposed to have accepted Ding Jie at the beginning. All the procedures were simple and fast. Now I have no face to see Ding Yanru.” “Hey, we have some comrades.” Long sigh, no more. “Well, I know this thing.” Cao Jianmin waved his hand. “Right, how is your industrial area doing? Infrastructure construction must also keep up. With the phoenix tree, you are not afraid to lead the Golden Phoenix.” “Uncle Cao, I went to the new park in the morning and looked at it. The work is already running. The next step is the specific planning…” The Nanjing sauna reported the situation briefly and concisely. “Well, you can’t worry about doing a job, you can’t eat a fat man.” Cao Jianmin nodded and nodded. “Yes, he is transferred to the municipal government office as a deputy secretary, and will announce the order almost next week.” “Is this anxious?” The Nanjing sauna heard a glimpse. Obviously, some leaders of the municipal party committee are not prepared to let the director of the Mountain District Committee recommend the deputy head of the district, but they do not know who won the victory. “Yeah, don’t worry, no.” Cao Jianmin smiled, “not yet. Your kid is doing a good thing, your kid is making such a big move in the mountainous area, claiming to be a ten