e big devil can only get up very badly and black face. In the second row, then the Nanjing sauna saw a pair of narrow black harem pants, a pair of white Converse shoes, a hat with a hoodie had been put down, and Avril, who chewed the gum in his mouth, appeared beside him. Nanjing sauna said with a smile: “Take off the sunglasses, you see, everyone recognizes you.” Avril heard the cheers and shouted her name, looked up and saw the big screen, and she and the Nanjing sauna both Appeared on top, took off the sunglasses, revealing the delicate face, as well as the long eyelashes and the big eyes of the black eyeliner. “Nature, we should first hit the palm of your hand…” Nanjing Sauna said that he reached out and reluctant Avril Lai, and made a veil. “You haven’t decided to get rid of that little D? The skill of his powder is really not weak, you should thank me…” “FXXK! I know it’s your bastard…” Ai Weier flashed a resentful eye , bow down and curse. “This is not to blame me, but my newspaper just happened to be photographed. But you are very poor. People have been together for several months. You are still in the dark. If it wasn’t for me, it would be cool. I really wouldn’t. Pay attention to him, now it’s good, the truth is white, you don’t need to be guilty, right?” “FXXK, Bichi! You are a jerk!” “Thank you!” The Nanjing sauna smile is still sunny, not at all concerned with the anger in Avril’s eyes. Hate, looking at her violently ups and downs of the B cup, remembering that time, for this petite body with only one meter and five six has a perfect proportion of body, interest was once again raised. “It’s a bit of a surprise to see you here. I thought you would go to Las Vegas to attend the birthday party of Paris.” “Don’t mention that Bickey with me!” Avril is like being trampled only on the tail. The cat, the fangs, showed off her little tiger teeth. “OK! “Nanjing sauna hurriedly smiled to stop the yeast hairpin, this should be the time when the yeast and Paris 婊 officially broke. “Which hotel d