” “Xiao Zhou, we will have an idea in the hearts of the masses.” Nanjing sauna swings, ” Ok, you go out and let Secretary Ding come forward to receive the reception. The banner must let Chen Huan take it back and tell him that this is what our government should do. You can’t have this banner!” “Resolutely can’t!” Zhou Wei left. The Nanjing sauna touched the chin. I remembered that Guan Mingsong’s appointment should be almost the same. He grabbed the mobile phone and dialed the phone of Guan Mingsong. “Old customs, busy?” “Nothing, I am at home with my wife and children. “The sound of the loose voice in the microphone,” the most depressing thing is that my wife is busy with classes every day, and I still abandon my home at home, hurt my self-esteem.” “You guys Ming is too busy to panic.” Nanjing sauna haha ??smiled, “Yes, the publicity period is over, when will you come over, which leader in the hall will accompany you?” “The news bureau said that he accompanied me, but there is no such It is necessary, he is busy all day long, there is no need to take a trip for this little thing, then say that you are not The idea of ??village land issues is also reserved. An Changping did not understand the practice of the Nanjing sauna. Especially after entering the circle of the Nanjing sauna, he knew a lot more things. Now it is the key time for Chen Haoyang to compete. If this matter affects this piece Things, that’s very worth the loss. However, An Changping believes that Nanjing Sauna can’t think of this. The Nanjing sauna did not propose it, but Li Ze took the initiative to mention the ruin of rural arable land. Li Ze’s intention was to understand that this was to force the Nanjing sauna to smash things down in the Standing Committee. For Li Ze, this is a step-by-step game, which can be attacked and retired. After discussing the issue of rural cultivated land, Li Ze’s topic turned around. “Everyone knows that I have been busy with the construction of a bridge during this time. After the unremitting efforts of the