njing sauna was not in his heart. The old guys were old and no one had seen them. I have been sitting in the mayor of New York for so many years, the old fox, and he also knows the difficulty of the Nanjing sauna Smith, and he was stunned by a temptation. “I have been re-elected as the mayor of New York City for two years. During this period, I have also stayed away from the company management business. I don’t want the company to have big turmoil or fall into the power game. I hope that your participation will make Bloomberg stronger, not I want to take it away from me.” “You care too much, you will continue to be re-elected as the mayor’s throne. After three years, you can even take the DU candidate to participate in the US presidential election. It will be a miracle, you have Money, people, influence, political achievements, why not, huh, huh.” Nanjing sauna is not maliciously touting, painting the big cake for the old guy, almost killing the pie. Michael Bloomberg’s eyes are slightly congested. To be honest, the Nanjing Sauna is also his future plan. He is not short of money, and his political appeal is his pursuit of life. “Nanjing Sauna, let’s talk, what do you want? Don’t tell me this is just an investment, vice president? Or something else? Give me an answer.” For the old fox is still in the title and tone to maintain the strength, Nanjing sauna and Don’t care, he is not really young and full of emotions, his face said with a smile: “A vice president’s position, but always have a responsible project, then give me the Bloomberg website!” In the smoky study room, there was a short silence. The Nanjing sauna was still holding a goblet with a smile, shaking, watching the red wine in the cup, but the light was always watching the old fox with closed eyes. To be honest, for Bloomberg’s website, Michael Bloomberg really didn’t take it seriously. In his opinion, Bloomberg didn’t need a website at all. In his eyes, focusing on the service for traders is the value of the company. The media is just a means to get m