t know what I thought of Zeng Lu’s heart? “Yes, it’s so smart. “Lian Zheng took a glass of wine and took a sip.” Mayor Hu, would you like to help you find a road to talk about? “Thank you, even the director, but no, no. The Nanjing sauna smiled and shook his head. “It should be very useful for us two people to eat this meal tonight. I believe that Zeng Lu will contact me after I know it.” “No, my deterrent is so big, so I said that I just greeted Zeng Lu in the lobby. Is it wrong?” He even smiled and took a drink and took a sip. His heart certainly understands this. Otherwise, he will not take the initiative to ask the Nanjing Sauna to eat with his colleagues in Zenglu. “No, very good.” I estimate that Zeng Lu will take the initiative to contact me soon. “Nanjing sauna smiles, mention the wine glass,” even the director, thank you for your help, I respect you. After drinking a cup, the two men found a cigarette and handed it to the Nanjing sauna. “Hu Mayor, I heard that you are familiar with Sheng Huaming. I have something to ask for help. You can Can’t you help me meet him? “This is no problem, not a phone call.” “Nanjing Sauna laughed and reached out to raise the glass.” Even the director, I wish you a good career in your brother’s career, step by step. The Nanjing sauna room is full of joy, but in a room not far from them, the atmosphere is not so hot. At this time, there was a mood to drink and chat. What did you say to the people who had dinner with him? Zeng Lu didn’t hear anything in a single sentence. He was thinking about the words of the levy. The Nanjing sauna actually ran for dinner here. Is it for himself? The levy is the director of the Second Supervision Office of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. The second monitoring office is responsible for investigating the provincial officials. The Nanjing sauna and the continuous levy are definitely not good things, either they are coming to themselves or they are directed at a derelict deputy-level cadre at Wuling. The possibility is t