The same.

However, if he swallows his mind to speed up his operation, he will absorb a lot of extremely cold gas, which is very heavy on his body.

Before, Ye Donglai deliberately controlled the operation of the power law in order to avoid erosion, at this time, he held a try to see the mentality, want to know, if they are connected with these extreme cold gas to absorb, can not by the way to absorb, quenched. Or is it similar to Lu Zhi Tong, almost immune to chill?

In the meridians, the spirit is crazy, and the double fields are in excellent condition.

Suddenly, ye Dong came to a shiver.

This extreme cathode cold air intrusion into the body, almost all his soul has been frozen to pieces.

However, after he had forcibly put up with it, he found that with the flow of the function, the trend of being disintegrated and absorbed gradually came into being with the extreme cold of the cathode.


Ye Donglai was very surprised.

In principle, the normal people can only absorb the aura and step by step.

And devouring God, even this chill is absorbed.

However, this kind of chill has nothing to do with Ye Dong, except to make his body and soul feel cold and bitter.

The cold, not the spirit, can be used.

This extreme cold, in the end only inexplicably disintegrated, dissipated, or a part of the combination of spirit, in a word, did not bring any change to Ye Donglai.

Even so, Ye was shocked.

The common function method,I am afraid they can not support him to put the extremely cold cathode gas into the body, in case of inclusion, perhaps the body will be strongly eroded.

“Devouring God, there are many places I haven’t studied.”

Ye Donglai thought in a dark heart.

At this moment, his eyes suddenly appeared the color of shock.

This shock is not at all surprising because of the effect of the law.

“She’s… Strange blood?! “

Ye Donglai’s eyes, staring at Lu Zhi Tong, almost forgot to resist the cold.

Evan evanescent!

Suddenly, the cold shock almost made him fainted, and then he quickly gathered his mind and dissolve the cold, and forced the excess chill out with the real yuan.

Just now, when Ye Donglai had swallowed the spirit to the extreme, he accidentally discovered that Lu Zhi Tong had a blood vessel of the Yi people.

As the owner of the strongest and purest blood vessel, ye Dong’s cognition of ability blood is very high.

However, under normal circumstances, there is no difference between ordinary people and those who have an ability.

No one can see even if a talent is in the public eye.

Even Ye Donglai can not see whether a human has a power. Of course, his advantage is blood pressure. If other powers can exert their abilities before their eyes, they will be naturally suppressed.

In the meantime, Lu Zhitong did not display any abilities, but she was in the deep state of practice.In this state, everything inside and outside her body is constantly flowing and exchanging, and it is just the work of Ye Dong.