jing sauna and shaking his head. “Nanjing sauna, fortunately, I know you later. You play. “Good luck, everyone knows that the luck of the novice will always be good.” “Nanjing Sauna laughed and threw the playing cards in the middle of the table.” I stayed up late at night. “I won’t go to stay up late. It’s almost twelve o’clock. When I go home late, my old man will interrupt my leg.” Li Xiaoyuan shook his head. “Reassure, you can’t run this meal.” “I don’t go anymore.” Li Lin took a drink and took a sip, and shook her head. “From last night to the present, I only slept for three hours and had to go back and take a break.” He waved his hand to the dealer. “Don’t say it, deal.” In the last game, it was not surprising that the Nanjing sauna won. After the liquidation, the Nanjing sauna won more than five million in the evening, and deducted a net profit of 5.3 million. “Zi Qian, you are tonight.” Did you deliberately bring me over? After getting on the bus, the Nanjing sauna took out a cigarette and threw it to Hanako. “However, you know that I am an official now, and it is not suitable for such a place.” “Oh, let’s put away that tone.” Hanako is humble and carelessly. “You think that these people will leak these things out. Everyone is a giant. Who will buckle the head on their heads?” “And, as you know, the table is the easiest to see a person’s character, temperament is still impetuous, greed or reason, etc. It seems that these two goods are very satisfied with your performance. “Let’s go, eat late at night.” Hana Qian took a cigarette and quickly started the car. “You will understand later.” After eating and staying up late, Hanzi Qiang sent the Nanjing sauna back to the family’s home of the National Development and Reform Commission. “Zi Qian, there is no time tomorrow morning, my friend has something to ask for your help.” The Nanjing sauna pushed the door open. “She is my friend and has helped me a lot. Can you help her with her?” “Don’t rush to get off the bus and talk to me.” Hana smiled modestly. “How is