hen find a way to lower the grassroots exercise. His voice was a meal. “Is it the best person to exercise at the grassroots level. Grandpa also wants you to continue to exercise during his lifetime. Unfortunately, his old man can’t see this day.” When it comes to the old man who passed away, the atmosphere suddenly became dull. “Well, don’t be sad, your grandfather has these outstanding younger generations, and he will be gratified in the Spirit of Heaven.” Tao Ran coughed softly. “Right, Xiaofei, the idea of ??rural medical reform that you mentioned with me last time, can you talk to me specifically?” This is already the topic of the New Year. I didn’t know how to talk about this topic. The Nanjing sauna said what he had learned and made some suggestions. At that time, the Nanjing sauna did not talk deeply, just The grass and grass discussed it, and did not pay attention to it. I didn’t expect Tao Ran to take the initiative to mention this topic. The Nanjing sauna naturally had to discuss it with him. When I talked about this topic, Tao Ran suddenly came to the interest and even rushed to the desk with exaggeration. I grabbed a notebook and a pen and prepared to record the Nanjing sauna. I saw the Nanjing sauna brothers stunned and immediately smiled and raised the pen in their hands. “No way, old age.” Memory is not working. In fact, many policies are unfair to rural people. There are pension insurance, medical insurance, etc. in the cities, and farmers, when they spend their whole lives in the soil, when they close their eyes and close their eyes, they will It is necessary to work in the fields. However, the reality is cruel, the countryside is really too big, and the rural population is too much. The funds needed for any one initiative are an astronomical number. The abolition of agricultural taxes is for farmers. Great good things, but for the country’s fiscal revenue, every year is a large income. However, the central government has very decisively canceled the agricultural tax, showing that the central g