a man, and women can apply. Folk songs have never had women. People who don’t understand the inner conditions of South County will definitely feel that South County is a hellish existence. They know that the recruitment of South County is the same as that of other counties. In the South County, the male to go to the construction site to work and some have a kind of salary collar called salary, women can also lead the cloth from the government to go home to make a robes to earn money to fill the home. If you have the skills to read nails or make rattan, you can go to the official office of the government. You can also go to the newly opened Guantian as a farmer. If you know how to make iron, you can send it. The owner of the county has a reward for four months and no one has received the reward. What is the most regrettable thing? A few extra rewards can be regarded as the importance of knowing whether anyone in the family is in the army. A large group of guys are waiting to recruit troops, but the army said that the Xi’an wedding car rental is full, and there is no need for extra troops. Many people who are treated with red-eyed family members sigh with a sigh in their chests, and they say “cheap earlier those immigrants.” The government sometimes publishes a notice of what goods are needed. The foreign merchants understood what was going on immediately and were ecstatic. It’s rare, since the beginning of the world, it’s the first time I’ve seen the official telling merchants where to sell what goods have money to earn. In addition to the department that is not professionally responsible, from which aspect, the internal affairs of the South County are considered to be on the right track. As long as it is given another one or two years of development, the South County will definitely be a rich and powerful county. This is even an old farmer. No doubt. The various counties and counties in the south are turbulent and chaotic. It is reasonable to say that as long as Lu Zhe is willing to at least capture Changsha

do you mean by Wang Lin in the case of illegal fund-raising?” Nanjing Sauna suddenly understood that today, Guan Pingzhi called him to talk about this matter, since Wang Lin Involved in the fund-raising case, then the seat of the mayor of Yanling must not be able to sit still, and I can’t think of Wang Maoliang’s old-fashioned situation. Let Guan Ping’s confidant Wang Lin grab this position and first calm down Guan Pingzhi. Then he collected Wang Lin’s black color material in Yiyang, and when the two sessions were held in the province, he suddenly shot, naturally he could kill the tube. Pingzhi was caught off guard. Of course, if Wang Lin can do a good job, Wang Maoliang may not have the opportunity to implement this strategy. Moreover, Wang Lin should be very entangled. Otherwise, Wang Maoliang will not take it. “Wang Lin, the dog thing didn’t tell me the truth.” Guan Pingzhi sighed long. “At this time, he made such a natural appearance for the seat of the mayor of Yanling City. If you are not sure, He won’t do this.” “So, Wang Lin must have been deeply involved.” “It should be like this.” Nanjing sauna nodded. “The provincial horse held two sessions. At this time, Wang Maoliang started, you must not It is a good counterattack. He used this opportunity to drop the face of your governor. He also showed his attitude towards officials corruption.” “Of course, the most important thing is the mayor of Yanling. Wang Lin has an accident. The mayor’s seat is not good for you to rob him, and the provincial party supervision office went to Yanling to investigate the environmental protection case. Naturally, he also warned Huang Cheng to let him be honest.” “Yes, Wang Lin too disappointed me. Guan Pingzhi sighed. “You said it well. After the fund-raising case, Wang Lin is definitely not the mayor. Qiu Fenghua naturally obeys his command at this time. Otherwise, he will be kicked to the provincial CPPCC.” “Xiao Fei, do you want to give up Wang Lin?” Silence for a moment, Guan Pingzhi looked up and looked at the Nanj

to feed the Yan State and Chen Sheng, such a thing is estimated to be Being noticed, then Zhao Guo and Qi Guo’s face are also reasonable things. It is not necessary for Wei Guo and South Korea to be infiltrated into all aspects after receiving the asylum of the Republic of China. In fact, both Wei Jun and Han Jun accepted the training of the generals in the Han Dynasty. The Xi’an wedding car rental was destined to lose the resistance of the two countries. After all, the military is the foundation of a country’s existence, and the army is first finished, this country is like It was an orange that was opened to reveal tender meat and had no defense ability. The economy of Wei and Han also depends on the Han Dynasty. The civil service system must also face disintegration. The Han state has further controlled the civil service system. The two countries with full control of the civil and military systems are not a kind of **. The autonomous existence, the ultimate fate of Xi’an wedding car rental can not be changed. Qi is actually doing the same, using the economy that is stronger than Yan’s country to carry out the first economic control, waiting for Yan’s country to be inseparable from Qi’s financial and material support. Extend your hand to the military system of Yan. It is a pity that the Xi’an wedding car rental will soon let the Yan State form an economic dependence on the country. The Han State declared war at this time. Tian Rong looked at the crumpled paper in his hand and looked at the few words over and over again. Xi’an Xi’an wedding car rental shows the strength of sweeping the world, and Xi’an wedding car rental is in the military action of sweeping troops. Tian Rong does not understand why those countries will come together with Han. Isn’t it afraid that Qi and Yan will continue to be After the demise of the Han Kingdom, will the next one be their turn? “The Hanjun army I encountered, he told me,” he said very strangely: “…after giving the paper to you. I can freely go north to return to the Yan

permanently give up the territory except the scorpion and the giant deer. Now the Qi State is big and is attacking. Under the premise of Qin, the alliance with Qi Yan is in line with the usual example.” “Brothers mean that although Zhao Guo formed an alliance with Qi Yan, but only in the alliance against Qin, not including Lu Hou?” “Lv Hou is in the south, and two years of Xi’an wedding car rental will at least three counties operating in a solid state. Qin State is not dead, Qi, Yan, Zhao, even if they are fighting with Lu Hou, they can not pour all the power, since they can not attack the nature It is impossible to eliminate Lu Hou.” Xiang Liang fingers knocked on his skirt very rhythmically: “I can’t do all the efforts of Qi, Yan, Zhao, three countries, even if we join us to destroy Lu Hou?” Xiang Bo shook Shaking his head: “To eliminate the Qin State, at least Qi, Yan, and Zhao must use most of the troops. The total strength of the troops who can attack the south will not exceed 500,000. For Yan and Zhao, they are not too big. The profit…” “Yes.” Xiang Liang seems to be laughing: “So, Qi Wangzhen is forcing us to express our position, but why not force Lu Hou to express his position? Before the elimination of Qin, Qi and Lu Hou If you want to eliminate the Qin State, even if the Huns join, I am afraid it will be played for three or five years. Three or five years… Who knows what will happen again during the period.” Next, if it is Qi, Yan, Zhao Hun attack Qin ring true a few decades are likely to play. Lu Zhe’s management methods are endless. Two years of things will stabilize the three counties. Can you say that Lu Zhe will not use the other two years to operate the existing territory? “We…do you really want that?” Xiang Bo slightly bitter. “Maybe it can only be like that.” Although Liang Liang has a bitter expression, there is no regret. They are talking about the possibility of the peaceful reunification of Lu Chu. Lu Zhe has drawn the site to become the land of Xiangshi. On this matter, Xi’an weddi

Call a ferocious beast? You are so nice to say. “

Tan Hai’s face was embarrassed by the mention of it.

Indeed, the little thing in Ye Donglai’s hands is like the size of a small crab. It doesn’t seem to hurt the headquarters.

“Some fierce animals can not be deduced from the surface.” Tan Hao was very serious. “I’m going to report this to Lou te!”

As soon as the voice dropped, Lou Weizhong’s voice just appeared: “why, what do I report to?”

Tan Hao’s exultation: “Lou te makes Ye Dong to bring a fierce beast into headquarters, and should be punished severely.”

“The beast?” Lou Weizhong soon saw the strange little beast that had climbed the shoulders of leaf East. The old face was a little surprised. “I’ve never seen it before.” However, if the beast, ye Dong, you have to explain and explain. Although you are a member of the three class, you must abide by the rules. The headquarters is so heavily guarded that not even a fly can be put in. “

When Lou Weizhong arrived, ye Dong could only bear his temper. He explained, “this is actually an egg that has just hatched.”

“Ha ha, who is this sophistry?” Tan Hai mocked.

“Believe it or not.” Ye Donglai’s face was silent.

“Egg hatches?” I did not see such a creature. ” Lou Weizhong has never been partial to any side. He just looked at the eggshell on the bottom of the pond silently.


Lou Weizhong beckoned, and the egg shell fragments in the blood pool flew into his hands.

At this time,Tan Hai was not satisfied. He deliberately said, “Ye Donglai, since you said your fierce animal was hatched, let me help you identify and identify it. HMM, can things that just hatch be so spiritual?

The 249th chapter of the text 249. small beasts

When Tan Hai spoke, he looked very serious and looked at Ye Dong with an aggressive gaze.

The idea in his heart is very simple. If the little beast in his hand is a small pet, it is not a big thing to say. It is small, and 80% loute makes no difference.

Therefore, Tan Hai must bite to death. This thing is a fierce beast, that is, ye Dong disregards the safety of the headquarters.

In order to ensure foolproof, as long as the small animal directly killed, and then insisted that this thing is a fierce beast, ye Dong will be in trouble.

After all, Lou te should not ignore the rules even if he attaches importance to Ye Dong.

“Do you want to identify it?” Ye Donglai smells a word, frowning and dissatisfied.

Although he had little contact with the little beast, he really liked it. How could he give it to tan Hai? Tan Hai will never do anything good with his temper.

“What? Can’t be given up? Oh, you really don’t have any ulterior secrets. Tan Hai is in a strange land.

In the same way, the little beast on his shoulder was making some deep, low noises.

Ye Donglai seemed to feel it, and the little beast was very angry.

Before the reaction came, the little beast suddenly ran out.

Ye Donglai is only a small animal, a harmless pet for human animals.Who thought this guy could fly so fast?

Tan Hai was seen, and his face was not surprised.


ver the years, the division has been stable as a mountain, including this time the Dragon Emperor and the Dong Lao forces’ battle against Wu Yukun, Shi Yu Xian also did not mix any Xi’an wedding car rental. Such a mysterious teacher, Yu Xian, “Leave here, keep you safe.” Shi Yuxian only said eight words, then hands with a slight stroke, the air like an invisible force to pull, the open window is gently closed, After that, she went out. Bai Ou was a little mistaken and watched Shi Yuxian leave. Is her words worthy of trust, she wants to keep herself? Or do you deceive yourself to sell yourself to Wu Haokun? No, it is not worth her to rely on her current strength. She wants to sell herself to Wu Yukun. Before she only called Xi’an wedding car rental, she heard the whereabouts of Xi’an wedding car rental, and how to recruit herself here? So, is she really ready to save herself? White Europe understands that in a difficult situation, he can only choose to believe in her. From the teacher Yuxian just shot the window, Bai Ou faintly felt her horror, her strength is absolutely far above her, at least the eight-changing and even nine-changing terrorist strong. Bai Ou stayed in this building, listening to the movements in the distance, and finally found his own team to the small building. However, it is strange to say that these teams of searchers left after watching this small building for a while. Chapter 251 After the steward of Yuxian, the authoritative division of the division, went out and showed the name of Shi Yuxian, the team even gave up searching the small building. Bai Ou finally saw the power of the teacher Yu Xian. Although she is a low-key among the nine leaders, no matter which side has given her face, or because of her neutral status, Wu Junkun is convinced that she will not cover herself. Although I don’t know why, Bai Ou at least understands that this robbery is temporarily escaping tonight, relieved, white laps, and closed his eyes into meditation. As the situation in Jinghua City became more and mo

County that are urgent, but Sima Xin attacked the two major roads on the Lingnan side. “The sent-off personnel helped Wei Guo to practice 60,000 new troops, and South Korea was 40,000. The new army of the two countries can act as a buffer in addition to lacking some weapons.” Lu Zhe looked around: “Recently Some of our troops are replacing weapons, and the weapons that have been eliminated are asked to ask whether Wei and Han need to buy.” The replacement of the iron weapons is the Guards’ sequence, and the number of Xi’an wedding car rentals has been 5,000. With the follow-up of the subsequent molds and the master craftsmanship becoming skilled, there will inevitably be a corresponding increase in the monthly production. Xi’an wedding car rental will be able to maintain the production of 3,000 iron soldiers next month, and then it will reach 5,000 in the next month. After half a year, the various cities will be adjusted, and then the iron ingots will be piled up in the first place. The calculation result is 30,000. In short, as time goes by, Lu Zhejun is destined to replace all the iron weapons, and the bronze weapons that Xia’an has been eliminated are used old. It is obviously not suitable to re-storage. Lu Zhe’s meaning is simply Sell ??some of them properly to Wei and Han. Xiao He’s hands in favor, as the governing of the civil administration, he looked at the financial sneak out every month and couldn’t help but be frightened. Eight counties, now they are able to take advantage of the three most occupied sites in the South County, Cangwu County, Hengshan County, except for Jiujiang County and Qijiang County, although they have been occupied, but have not yet suffered from the war. After recovering, as for Minnan County, Nanhai County, and Changsha County, it was a retreat. As an administrative county, the county, agriculture, minerals, and manufacturing industries have sufficient population under the strong control of Lu Zhe. It is the best and most average development. Hengshan County was revived aft

Murder is likely to miss good practice, break through opportunities, and not necessarily find the right person.

Therefore, ye Dong believes that the other party will be soft.

Anyway, Lu Zhi Tong only took him as a tool, so Ye Donglai had no psychological burden.

“You have a lot of courage.” Lu Zhitong has a long voice, way.

“Have you got any reward for me?” Ye Dong came from the tunnel. “This time is precious. I give you all my time. You can give me something to take out.”

“Space magic.” Lu Zhitong forced his anger, and said.

When speaking, her heart is thinking, things are given to, also have to have life to use, ha ha, harm me back, I have to break through the completion, the first must be your dog’s life.

Then Lu Zhi Tong threw out a ring.

It’s not big. It looks like a small rope, soft and light.

“Space magic?” Ye Donglai said a loud voice and was amazed at it.

Magic weapon, this is a very valuable thing, not an ordinary utensil. Few of the college freshmen can have magic weapons.

And the magic weapon of space is a precious branch of magic weapon.

To put it simply, the magic of space is to integrate an independent space into a certain artifact, such as bracelets, rings, weapons.

In this space, you can store all kinds of things, but you can’t put them into living things.

“This space magic weapon has a special shape, so you can put it directly on the hilt.In addition, the spirit can be pushed into it, and this thing can be used for you. ” Lu Zhi Tung explained a sentence.

Ye Donglai nodded and tried it as she said. After all, the magic weapon was almost integrated with the hilt and had no influence on the sword.

Later, ye Dong Lai also found that the space inside the space magic weapon was about three feet long and wide.

This space is not very large, but it is difficult to make magic weapon.

Therefore, this space magic weapon of plain appearance is absolutely sky high.

Moreover, the space inside has been able to store a lot of things, at least a hundred times more than the body can bring things!

“It’s nice. I’ll take it.” Ye Donglai had no modesty. “This thing is worth it even if I spend more time in the bottom.”

“Well, the premise is that you won’t be killed by cold ice. Before you can support, does not mean that the back can still support, chill, will be stronger and stronger. Lu Zhi Tung chuckles.

Ye Donglai ignored it: “if I’m frozen to death, that’s my own business.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Hurry up to the middle of the battle. I’ll continue my training. At the end of the morning, you can go out early. Lu Zhi Tung urges the road.

However, before entering, Ye Donglai had a long heart. The other side is ready to send out the magic weapon of space. The devil knows how much it costs to take away this magic weapon.

So, ye Dong came to the grave and said, “before that, I have another request.”

“Say.”Lu Zhi Tong was somewhat impatient, and could only suppress his intention and anger.

The 143rd chapter of the text

rmal. They want to oppose and can’t find a reason. They even think that Lu Zhe is willing to provide raw materials, instead of making a big purchase for them. Some open-purchased things, Lu Zhe proposed that the shares do not even occupy shares, which is also reasonable. After a long period of negotiations, to determine the general intention, Lu Zhe suggested that they can go back and think about it. If they agree, they will sign the contract. Until the military account, the patriarchs and tyrants who came here have not recovered from the excitement. They are very glad that they can come today and find out that Lu Zhe’s thoughts are one. What is more gratifying is that Lu Zhe can support. The minds of the county’s industry all feel that it is right to rely on Lu Zhe. After waiting for people to finish, Lu Zhe was immersed in contemplation. Of course, he knew that such a cooperative way of economic cooperation is that patriarchs and tyrants accounted for a big bargain. Seriously speaking, it is also that he does not understand the economy, and he has to think of it as the most A good plan, whether it is to maximize the benefits does not matter. In many ways, we can’t just look at the economic aspect. What he values ??is the political effect of economic cooperation. Thinking about gains and losses, Lu Zhe seems to hear the righteousness and ask for it outside. It seems to be anxious to hear from the tone. After the combination of righteousness, the expression on the face did not know whether it was joy or worry. In short, it was complicated to read. After he finished his ceremony, he hurriedly said: In the direction of Nanyang, a force of more than 3,000 people is approaching! ” “Well! ? “Lüzhe Huo stood up,” is it more detailed? “Hongjun is still on the road, the job is to learn from the bonfire first,” hehe hesitated. “It is from the direction of Nanyang County, it is…” “It is a reaction of Xianyang!” “Lü Zhe replaced the righteousness and said it, his expression has become more serious than ever: “Wait for

ch as possible to apply for the exams in this semester in advance. Then, can I still accompany you for another day? There is still a meeting in the morning to open, and I will be free in the afternoon. Yes, before I leave, how can I feed you?…” The Nanjing sauna is not serious enough to play up Ivana, so that the girl who was originally in a mood is still a little bit stunned, temporarily diluting the parting . Now Ivana has been excavated by the Nanjing sauna to a completely mature state, and can not withstand the Nanjing sauna, especially the boyfriend’s understanding of her body has reached an indescribable height. Fortunately, it was in the car that went to work. Ivana in the early morning was a pair of face-to-face, and her eyes were filled with hn’s intentions. She was photographed by the reporter’s paparazzi, and she might be able to read the words of the dog. Blood news comes. The morning meeting, mainly Gaia Investment and Freedom City Investment, two members responsible for the implementation of the harvest project in the subprime mortgage crisis, Nanjing sauna always has to give some encouragement and promise to the employees before leaving. It is not early, the money society of the United States, money may not be able to buy loyalty, but it is absolutely possible to buy professional ethics. This is extremely worthy of praise and respect for the old beauty of integrity. Of course, there is no absolute thing, no matter what, there is a critical point of value, if it is to be measured by money. Therefore, the operation of ds and d, the Nanjing sauna is separated and handed over to two different people, and there is no big mistake. Talents must be used, but also prevent. The rabbit national power with the gene in the bones is hard to forget as long as the soul is immortal. After all, every rabbit country has been immersed in the TV series of the four famous books, and it has been repeatedly influenced by the “Three Kingdoms” and “Water Margin”. It also shows why the most important factors that can pas