e to show it until the end of the banquet, the guests were sent to the car one by one, with a small gift, which is available for free. Nanjing sauna, however, this big satyr is already asleep. Yang Qianyu spent a lot of effort to bring the Nanjing sauna into the house, throw him into the bed, and then quickly rushed into the bathroom, carefully washing himself and then replacing it. A white wedding dress, tonight, she wants to hold a wedding, a wedding with her alone. After busy everything, Yang Qiang went to the bed, picked up the hand of the Nanjing sauna and untied the wedding hat on the top of his head. He looked back at the camera and smiled. “Brother, you have to make a mistake this evening. I hope that your shooting method will be a little bit this evening, so that I don’t have to look for opportunities to take the seeds, so I can rest in Australia for a year.” Being photographed by the camera, although it is embarrassing, but this is a lifetime. Eternal memory, Yang Qiang put down the hand of the Nanjing sauna, pinching the zipper of the wedding dress… Chapter 419 Bargaining 1 The next morning, the Nanjing sauna only felt a headache, and the eyes of the scorpion had to make a fire. They turned over and jumped out of bed and saw a glass of water on the bedside table. They immediately took it and drank it, then raised it. Look at the room. Obviously, this is a girl’s room, the air is filled with a touch of fragrance, and gradually the Nanjing sauna suddenly found this room seems familiar, and immediately thought of this is Yang Qianxi’s room, drinking last night Drunk, was brought home by Yang Qiang, this gimmick will not take the opportunity to take advantage of it? Suddenly I felt that the lower body was a little cold. The Nanjing sauna looked down and opened his mouth. Nima, there was no clothes. The little bird pulled his head and no longer had a small steel gun. It seemed to be a little tired. No, the Nanjing sauna jumped, and hurriedly turned to the bed to uncover the quilt. I saw a bunch of red and