ses, but unfortunately the ability is limited.” The two talked for nearly half an hour, because the Nanjing sauna is about to go to play, talk So far, even so, the conversation between Nanjing Sauna and Mu Chao is the longest among the three mayors. Mu Chao only has five minutes to meet other people. Of course, the content and method of the conversation will not be so easy. As for the content of the conversation between Nanjing Sauna and Mu Chao, it is not important. What is important is Mu Chao’s attitude towards Nanjing Sauna. Nanjing Sauna believes that Mu Chao has met him, and he has talked about the news for a long time and will soon spread. Go out. And this is exactly what Mu Chao wants to express. For Mu Chao’s initiative, the Nanjing sauna itself is very happy to see this situation, but the Nanjing sauna can not express any opinions on behalf of the family, he does not have this qualification. under The afternoon basketball game was very lively because of Mu Chao’s personal appearance. Similarly, the players of the two teams also tried their best to perform in front of Mu Chao. Therefore, the game was very difficult and wonderful. Every goal has caused deafening applause. However, the members of the mayor’s team are still too old. Although the Nanjing sauna has been fully implemented, he is only a person, and basketball is a team. The embodiment of strength. Therefore, the final mayor lost to the county magistrate by five points. The Nanjing sauna deservedly became the first person in the arena. Almost one of them scored two-thirds of the mayor’s team. Even the leaders of the central government found Chen Jiangtao and proposed to put the Nanjing sauna in their units. Of course, this thing Nanjing Sauna is not known. After the game, Mu Chao left. Chen Jiangtao and other party school leaders personally sent them to the bus, while the Nanjing sauna picked up clothes and keys and hurried back to the dormitory. Today is the most tiring day in the past few years. The physical exertion is huge, and he runs al