he custom-built villa in 2002. But it is speechless that Susan and her husband divorced three years after the villa was completed. She was listed last year, in 2007. 2.5 billion for the sale of villas, just as the global economy is down, naturally no one will draw that much money to buy, Nanjing sauna has seen the propaganda album of this mansion, it is also very desirable, after all, has the reputation of the small Versailles, beautiful luxury is not More to say. However, since Nanjing Sauna knows how the global economy will fall in the future, real estate prices will fall to the abyss. Even if the price of luxury homes on Beverly Hills is not affected, in this economic environment, the counter-offer is still very easy. It is hundreds of millions of dollars, this is not a small amount, Nanjing sauna will not be stupid, and now take the mansion. This kind of mansion, Nanjing sauna will naturally ask about Ivana’s opinion, but she should like it. In addition to the superb bedroom, bathroom, swimming pool, cinema, etc., the magnificent dance hall is decorated with mirrors. The arches are inspired by the mirror hall of the Palace of Versailles. There are also luxurious chandeliers and zenith paintings. Ivana, who has a family tradition, is not immune to the luxury of the local gold and the European court. This is not the meaning of the Nanjing sauna. To be honest, it’s true that this style of decoration will not Being eliminated by time can also satisfy the aesthetic time of most people. Back in a few hundred square meters of small villas, the Nanjing sauna mood became quiet, very easy, I don’t know if it is a matter of heart, he will feel more comfortable when he returns here. For the return of the Nanjing sauna, the most happy thing is that the fast silver and the witch are two big guys Dubin, of course, and his female steward Liu Yan. After wearing the apron, Liu Yan came back from the Nanjing sauna and her expression was tangled. The appearance of YU was stopped and it fell into the eyes of the Nanjing sauna. I