lishing industry to acquire Marvel Entertainment Group, Bank of America will support him to complete the acquisition. The combination of the two giants makes everyone see the feasibility of things. Don’t say anything that loves this industry and loves the business of comics. In the face of the US knife, what persists will be pale and powerless. The directors of Marvel Entertainment Group are tired of every meeting is a long quarrel, tired of the semi-dead struggle that Marvel has not been able to bring them huge profits for a long time, some people want to take over, this is undoubtedly in the middle of the mind, one by one in private I hope to stand in the same camp and take a piece of meat from the young rich who just got huge amounts of cash. Just as these shareholders are dreaming, when the old Marvels represented by Stan Lee are worried, the news continues to be heated, but there has been no following, the news is still the news, but neither the Nanjing Sauna Smith and the Bank of America seem to be at all Intentionally, no one contacted Marvel, let alone a huge acquisition. So that day after day, some shareholders who want to get rid of the burdens can’t sit still. If it wasn’t for Ike, the biggest individual shareholder, everyone had already found it. For the Nanjing sauna, because there is no bridge to communicate, it is absolutely impossible to escape the fate of being slaughtered. He will not go to the big head, the world economy will soon be finished, and now if it costs a huge amount The acquisition of Marvel is absolutely stupid. Those shareholders who want to sell Marvel shares do not have access to the Nanjing sauna, which is undoubtedly the main reason for the acquisition to remain in the rumor stage. Now, Ambassador Merkel’s enthusiasm is built, and now the bridge is there. It is just as the ceo and the largest individual shareholder of the Marvel Group, but he has become hesitant and entangled. He really wants Marvel to grow up in his own hands. I still have a lot of affection for Marvel, but h