oes not mean that he will gently let go of this Of course, if Liu Bo can solve this problem well, then he just doesn’t want to let go of this matter. Therefore, Li Wei went to Li Haifeng to report, it is estimated that there is no result. When Li Wei came to the door again, it was already 9:30 in the evening. “Mayor, I have made a detailed report to Li Shuji.” Li Wei’s face was a bit ugly. “However, Li Shuji did not have any instructions.” “Nothing to say?” Hey, then I understood the intention of Li Haifeng. If I didn’t say anything, it means that he is ready to stand by and watch. If the reporter really exaggerated in the newspaper, the impact on the Wuling Municipal Committee is very large. Although this is what happened before Li Haifeng took office, as the head of the municipal party committee, Li Haifeng must also bear the responsibility. Before the project bidding and other work was the former party secretary Hai Minghui arrested, Li Wei assisted, Nanjing sauna did not touch hands, but if this happened, the mayor of Nanjing sauna is also difficult to escape. Could it be said that Li Haifeng wants to adopt the practice of losing both sides. Of course, Li Haifeng also has a father-in-law who is the secretary of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission. This little thing has no effect on him. On the contrary, the Nanjing sauna is hard to say. He Minghui retired. If the provincial party committee wants to pursue the responsibility, it can only start from the Nanjing sauna. After all, he is the second hand of the municipal party committee. It will also start from Li Wei, who is assisting Hai Minghui in catching the highway project. “No, Li Shuji said.” Li Yu snorted. “However, he only said four words. I know. It seems that he is going to watch the fun. If this is really going to be a big deal, he Can this one-handed hand escape the relationship?” “What happened to the safety accident on the construction site?” The Nanjing sauna smiled and shook his head. “When he was the deputy mayor, the big thing w