the Nanjing Sauna on the Standing Committee. Huang Jie is stunned. This is too much for his surprise. I have never heard of the Nanjing sauna so arrogantly, not to mention the Standing Committee, and the Nanjing sauna cannot know that this is the mayor. This guy actually does not even give the mayor’s face? “Comrade Huang Jie, in view of your performance, everyone is very disappointed, I think you still concentrate on handling other matters of the county government. The work of the industrial park is still responsible for the comrade Luo Dayou.” Nanjing sauna sounds a meal, eyes Turning to Luo Dayou, “There are great comrades. The planning and construction of the industrial park must be in accordance with the established plan. This is the construction plan that the county party committee and the county government have investigated and studied through the multi-party and discussed at the Standing Committee. No one has the right to change it without authorization. Construction plan.” “Well, secretary, I remember.” Luo Da nodded with a serious look. “As for the cooperation agreement of the real estate company, I will deal with it personally.” “Well, this is what it is.” “Nanjing sauna smiled lightly,” Director Ye, immediately informed the situation, well, the meeting.” After a painful quick trip, the Nanjing sauna suddenly felt refreshed, squatting with a water notebook and a cup of water Out of the standing committee room. Huang Jie ironed his face and stood up, but he heard Li Zitong laughing and screaming at him. “Huang County magistrate, where can I have a cup of tea?” “Okay, just a little thirsty.” Huang Jie squeezed a smile Nod, this morning’s things are too strange, this Absolutely not the style of the Nanjing sauna, there must be a demon in the abnormal situation. It must have been a problem. He was prepared to go back and inquire about the news. However, Li Zitong issued an invitation at this time, and he must not refuse. There has always been only a icing on the cake, and few people have sent charco