s heart has some regrets. At the beginning, I should insist on letting the Nanjing sauna go to Yiyang City. Perhaps, this kid has this courage, this kind of courage, has the ability to solve this problem. “You talk about how to solve it?” Wang Maoliang put a cigarette into his mouth and took a strong breath. His face was a little embarrassed. “Wang Shuji, for the time being, it is necessary to stabilize the masses. If necessary, the government will come out for this.” Several companies stood on the platform.” Nanjing Sauna sighed. “On the one hand, these companies stopped illegal fundraising, and explained the funds to the masses. The other aspect of the practice, I have already reported to you that day.” “However, to shock the leading cadres of all sizes, there is only one way for them to report their family financial situation to the organization honestly and honestly. It doesn’t need to be too specific, as long as there is a general figure.” In the implementation, we must also tell them that these figures will not be announced to the public.” Nanjing sauna elaborated on Wang Maoliang in detail. The car stopped slowly, but Wang Maoliang did not mean to get off the bus. The statistics of the leading cadres’ property were counted. It is estimated that there is no such precedent in the country. Of course, the Nanjing sauna does not mean this. It just lets him use this trick to shock the leading cadres who are involved in the fund-raising case. Where do you get so much money, you earn so much with your salary, since Can earn so much, why should we raise funds to get interest, and we will not expand production? It is the easiest to make money by making money with money. Do you not understand this truth? Wang Maoliang can be sure that as long as the relatives of leading cadres of all sizes are not taking the lead in asking for money, then the Yiyang Municipal Party Committee and the government will stand for those companies, and the big bomb of the fund-raising case will not explode for a while. This kid is real