After all, it can not directly destroy the valleys poison.

“The master, the valley orchid real person still escaped, that old woman is very cautious. She knew that it would only become more toxic if she continued to fight, and then she would slip away when she had the strength to spare. I could not catch up with her. Small nine sound to the leaves east of the road.

“Well, it’s okay. The golden Dan, after all, is not easy to kill.” Ye Donglai is not much entangled.

At the same time, Mu Chi’s palm burst into a dazzling light, like a powerful earth shaking force, clapped on Li Niu’s forehead.

The war had lasted for a while, and there were other immortal immortal in the country of the imperialist Empire, so mu Chi did not want to delay more time and planned to end it quickly.

When Mu Chi’s palm fell, Li Niu’s face was terrified, and a substantial figure was flutters behind him. The figure, like Li Niu himself, seemed to be the soul that came out of Li Niu.

And Mu Chi’s body was already broken by Mu Chi.

Although the body of a soul flying out of the body is not flesh, it looks like a living person with a different expression.

“The God of yuan God? It’s late. ” Mu Chi laughed lightly, lifting his hand and grabbing the figure back.

“Mu rudder, do not destroy his yuan God, take it away. I have some interest in his tactics. Or, you can leave him to do things for heaven. ” Ye Donglai thought a little, and said.

Mu Chi thought and felt reasonable, so he took this figure and left here with Ye Donglai and Xiao nine.

As for the body of Li Niu,It was on the ground and there was no half.

To practice this realm of Li Niu is very difficult to die thoroughly, because he has been able to achieve “separation of form and spirit”, that is, the body, the God, the yuan God.

Mu Chi’s hand only destroyed Li Niu’s body. Before destroying, Li Niu’s yuan God was separated from the body.

The 311st chapter of the main body of the 311. gurus

Li Niu’s yuan God originally wanted to escape, but it was too late. Yuan God had been caught by Mu Chi.

In general, if the gods are not destroyed, they will hope to win the rebirth, and the yuan God will occupy other bodies and continue to live.

The essence of the yuan God is made up of three souls and seven souls.

But when the realm of the immortal reaches “Yin God”, it will become a yuan God.

If we encounter the necessity of abandoning the flesh, the spirit of God will be separated from the body and there will be a chance for a comeback.

Of course, the yuan God left the body will become very weak.

At this time, Li Niuyuanshen, caught on his hand by Mu Chi, constantly howled, “great immortals are forbidding, do not kill me, do not kill me, and I break through the realm of Yang God, but I have not come and have a good experience…”

“Is it so afraid of death?” Sure enough, those who are willing to live in secularization are hard to become great masters. Mochi sniffed his nose.

Ye Donglai did have a genuine interest in saying, “you don’t want to die, but it’s not impossible. In fact, there is no deep hatred between us. Well,As long as you show enough value, you will not die, and we can help you find the right thing again.