super-god, and the mind that was almost fascinated by greed also recovered, a little angry and angry. Looking at Amanda, who is unwilling to look back, “Bichi! Count me!” “Giggle, I don’t count you, just tell you a shortcut, isn’t Mogen so stepping into Rockefeller?” Mellon is also like this to the Cleveland consortium. It’s as simple as picking up a woman to go home, and then slowly infiltrating it…” The Nanjing sauna has a slight eye and looks at Amanda, who is so funny. “You are really dangerous. Scorpion, go down!” Nanjing sauna with a little bit of irritating tyranny, directly put Amanda to the bottom of the table, reaching out to start the belt. . . “Huh–” The Nanjing sauna in the office leaned against the boss’s chair, and spit out a backlog of turbidity. ———— The 870th chapter does not follow the routine. The winter sun is very extravagant. Many times it is timely and not warm, unless it is separated by a glass window. Outside the window, the sun shines on the person at this time and it is very warm and makes people feel comfortable. The palace-style arched curtains are hung on both sides. From the outside, you can’t see the special bullet-proof floor-to-ceiling windows in the house. The Nanjing sauna is lit with a slender little cigar. The smoky smoke spits out from the mouth and floats in front of the face and the floor-to-ceiling windows. open. In the bathroom behind him, there was a strong cough and retching sound, followed by the sound of water. “Cough… You are such a jerk!” Amanda’s pretty white face was still red without retreat. After washing, the face was covered with water drops, not just washing off the makeup on her face. Even the tears in the corner of the eye and the things given to her by the Nanjing sauna have disappeared. “Ha~” Nanjing sauna looked back at the charming Amanda, and said, “Have you ever wanted to see it? Now I am satisfied with your wishes, and today, your task is to give It takes a shower, so go back and find some fruit, ice cream or something to prac