you are in charge. The tourism work has achieved very beautiful results, not only let the various scenic spots have a sense of service, let us have a rapid development of Wuling’s tourism industry, and also personally introduced two large projects, etc. In short, you have achieved this half a year. Many leaders have not been able to make achievements in a few years.” “The third reason is also the news that everyone has the most. Many people know that there is a lot of money in your family. If you become the mayor, you will definitely not Engage in corruption, accepting bribes, and getting things like private pockets.” Qin Xiaoyong smiled. “So, more people want you to be the mayor and lead the group. The people are on the road to getting rich. “It seems that the eyes of the masses are really bright.” The Nanjing sauna laughed happily. He felt a good smell and smoked a sip. He looked at Qin Xiaoyong meaningfully and smiled. “Xiao Qin, this rumor has a nose and eyes, and it seems to know me very well.” “Boss, you used to be in charge of travel work, so there are not many people who know your deeds. I think you can go to see more now, let the people on the official side know more about your actions, your ambitions, and let everyone I realize that you are the best person to be the mayor. Qin Xiaoyong smiled. He knew that his little trick was naturally not the Nanjing sauna. However, he was out of a sincere heart, and the Nanjing sauna would not blame him. “You little comrade, it seems.” I have done a lot of work. “Nanjing Sauna laughed,” and, it turns out that your little movements are very obvious. Deng called me last night and said that it was my recent reputation. She said that I knew this thing. It seems that I have to thank you. “Boss, you are polite, this is what I should do.” Qin Xiaoyong smiled and looked a little thick. “Well, since your kid is so clever, help me look at these reports.” “Nanjing sauna, huh, huh, huh, small, opened several reports in front of them, and then threw the report to Qin Xiaoyong.