“Well, don’t bother you to work, lest you delay the mayor’s work.” Hang up the phone, Nanjing sauna will throw the phone, the brow slightly twisted, if Liu Bo said that it is true, then this It means that Yu Ming is already leaning against Li Haifeng. Closed up. And Li Haifeng’s promotion of Lan Zhiyuan can be seen as a response to Yu Ming. Of course, it is only a rumor. After eating dinner in the cafeteria, the Nanjing sauna returned to the home, habitually turning on the TV to watch the news, and at a glance, he saw the news on He Weihong talking to the camera, talking about the development planning of Chenzhou City, quite a few heroes in the world. The feeling of Seoul. It seems that He Weihong is doing a good job in Chenzhou City. In contrast, Chen Haoyang is much more understated in the province of Jiangsu and is doing his best. Do you want to suggest that the father and the adult often show up in the news, or continue to maintain the status quo of doing business now? The big battle is still not very urgent, but it is not only urgent to see such things. Ability depends on influence. Although it seems that He Weihong’s high-profile publicity has gone too far, there are advantages and disadvantages in everything. The Nanjing sauna has a cup of tea and is in deep thought. Just at this time, the door knocked. The Nanjing sauna put down the water cup, got up and walked over and opened the door and saw Li Wei standing at the door. He couldn’t help but look at it. Li Xiao smiled. “Mayor, didn’t bother you rest?” “No, watching TV, come in.” The Nanjing sauna invited Li Wei into the house and gave him a cup of hot tea. “Mayor Li, are you looking for me?” “Mayor, there is a situation to report to you.” Li Wei nodded and his face was heavy. “There was an accident on the highway construction site!” “The highway project has an accident. When did the death of the dead man?” The Nanjing sauna was shocked. Nima, only came over for a few days, and how come out. A thing to come? “It’s a matter of this afternoon, but there i